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Image of 201P-014 - Beadstrom Round Nose Pliers

Beadstrom Round Nose Pliers

SKU: 201P-014
BeadstromT Round Nose Pliers
Beadstrom Round Nose Pliers have ergonomic handles and precision tips, and a lap joint construction with adjustable Allen Screw (Allen Wrench included) to keep lap joint tight at all times. Double leaf spring action creates less stress on hands and provides and always open pliers. The Beadstrom Round Nose Pliers also feature a side mounted adjustable thumb screw. This screw allows perfect adjustments to the pliers to avoid pinch marks on wire. Adjust the screw so that when closed the tips do not mar the wire. Great for creating loops and other wire forming. The long handle is 6.25 inches (15.88 cm).