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Image of 2014-00 - Beeswax Block 1 ounce

Beeswax Block Small

SKU: 2014-00

Beeswax Block Purified Yellow (100% Natural)

We make these Beeswax blocks inhouse from the finest purified natural beeswax. It is ISO 9001-2008 Certified & COR 582 Kosher Certified.

When doing beadwork, run your thread across beeswax to apply a thin coating of wax to the thread. This will reduce tangles in the thread and make it go through the beads easier. Use on thread when making outdoor products like knife cases. When using a chisel, rub the thongs on the beeswax to make the tool cut easier and pull out easier. After using an edge beveler, rub a coat of beeswax on the edge and rub it into the leather using an Edge Slicker. It will give you a very professional looking and feeling glossy edge.

Weight approximately 1 ounce