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Bonded Leather Sheets

SKU: 16712-09

Strong bonded leather sheets designed for lining bags, garments, belts, shoes, bookmaking, or furniture while providing outstanding durability, softness and a high quality finish.

Product information

  • Quality bonded leather sheets.
  • Great for lining a variety of projects like garments, belts, bags and more.
  • Available in 2 options and 2 sizes.


  • Option: 150cm x 50cm (60"x20")/ 150cm x 100cm (60"x40")
  • Size: 0.6mm (1/64")/ 0.8mm (1/32")
  • Pack Size: EACH

150cm x 100cm (60"x40") requires special handling and can only be shipped via flat rate shipping.

SALPA is a bonded leather from Salamander Germany, a company specialising in bonded leather production. Their Salpa range is a finely milled fibre bound by natural fats and latex.

Traditionally, Salpa is an excellent liner for bags, watch straps, and belts. However crafters have found an even more valuable use - for prototyping.