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Buckskin Pants Pattern

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Native American & Rendezvous Clothing & Moccasin Patterns

 Several fine craftworkers have helped us develop the most authentic and comprehensive Frontier and Indian clothing patterns available. Extensive information includes material requirements, layout, garment making tips, details on tribal styles, variations and decoration of each garment, such as beadwork, ribbonwork, fringe treatment, etc. Our easy-to-follow instructions are complete with detailed illustrations and photos for expert and novice alike. 

Buckskin Pants Pattern will help you make a pair of authentically styled, early button-fly pants using buckskin or soft garment leather. Buckskin Pants Pattern options include straight or flared legs, waistband, and fringed legs. These buckskin pants are typical of the style worn by the Mountain Men and Fur Trappers of the Far West and are based on historic descriptions and the period paintings of Alfred Jacob Miller, the only artist ever to attend a Rendezvous.

For waist sizes 30 - 44.