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8-10 LB Box of Bulk Scrap Quality Buffalo Belt Grade Leather Pieces 8/9 oz Black and Brown

SKU: 40-15

8-10 Pound Box of High Quality 8/9oz Buffalo Leather Scrap Pieces

Get 8-10 pounds of our high quality 8/9oz oiled buffalo leather remnants. Pieces are mostly 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" in width, approximately 1/8" thick, in both black and brown. This leather is generally scraps left over from our handmade belt production shop. Pieces may vary from 8" to 3' in length, give or take, in all boxes. It is possible some bigger pieces might be included. This leather is ideal for straps, bracelets, craft projects, and many hand made leather goods. It is a solid, strong and durable leather, cut from full buffalo hides.

Please note that the photo in this listing is only a SAMPLE. The scrap pieces will vary in size, length, and weight from box to box. All boxes will contain 8-10 pounds of varying scrap leather pieces. We do not guarantee any widths or lengths of any scrap pieces.