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Cherokee / Southeastern Moccasins

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Native American & Rendezvous Clothing & Moccasin Patterns

Several fine craftworkers have helped us develop the most authentic and comprehensive Frontier and Indian clothing patterns available. Extensive information includes material requirements, layout, garment making tips, details on tribal styles, variations and decoration of each garment, such as beadwork, ribbonwork, fringe treatment, etc. Our easy-to-follow instructions are complete with detailed illustrations and photos for expert and novice alike.

Cherokee/Southeastern Moccasins Pattern includes highly illustrated instructions that are loaded with information so you can make 1-piece soft sole moccasins of the various southeastern tribes. Moccasins of the Cherokee and others of the 5 Civilized Tribes were remarkably similar, changing little from first European contact to the 1900s. Using our patterns, these moccasins are easy and surprisingly quick to make. Sizes: Men’s 4 - 12, Women’s 5 - 10.

About Your Cherokee / Southeastern Moccasin Pattern
The soft sole, one-piece center-seam moccasin was the most common type of the Southeastern tribes, predominantly the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole, and Creek. Their footwear is all remarkably similar, with only small variations in construction details, and it appears that their moccasins were virtually unchanged from the 1700s through the 1800s. This Missouri River product provides patterns and information so you may make everyday and dress moccasins suitable for any of these tribes during this period.

Notions & Tools
You will need the following: Simulated (or genuine) sinew or strong linen cord for sewing. Optional decorations: ribbon, beads, or pucupine quills for decoration. Ribbon: Moccasins reserved for dress occasions often were decorated with ribbon binding in addition to quill or beadwork. We recommend a minimum of 4 yards of 1" ribbons for this option. Tools: Sharp scissors or knife, awl, & Glover's needles.

Material Requirements
Buckskin: There are 6 different cuff options for your moccasins, and the cuffs and body of the shoe are all one piece. Since the cuff sizes vary in addition to the range of shoe sizes, it is difficult to recommend just how much buckskin you will need until the cuffs are chosen. However, a 6-8 square foot buckskin is sufficient for men's sizes 4 through 12 and women's 5 through 10.

Suggested Materials
During the 1700s-1800s, Indian moccasins of this type were made primarily from brain-tanned deer hides. Even today, brain-tanned buckskin is the preferred choice, followed by German-tanned commercial buckskin. The hides should be of medium weight, as thick hides do not lend themselves to the gathered center seam technique.