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Zeli Pro Gloss Edge Coat - 2 Colors

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SKU: 18-2008-01

Zelikovitz Professional Gloss Edge Coat

A water based finish designed to give that hand polished look to belts and other leather projects. Same product that is used by high quality manufacturers. Made in Canada. 

. Water based for easy clean up.

. Provides superior coverage and excellent finish without the need for hand buffing.

. Apply with automatic machines or by hand.

. Drys to touch in minutes and fully cured in 48 hours.

. Dry times can be accelerated with heat, which can also increase resistance to water.


Remove surface dirt. Apply first coat with sponge or wool dauber. Let dry. Burnish with damp cloth. Apply second coat on the smoothed surface for a uniform and sealed finish. Repeat if necessary.