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Fiebing's Acrylic Leather Dye Pack - 11 Colors 1 Top Finish 2 Artist Brush

$55.99USD $60.00USD
SKU: 44-110-00

Each pack contains one each 2 ounce bottle of Fiebing's famous acrylic dye in the following colors: Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, Light Blue, White, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Green, Turquoise and Orange. Also contains one 2 ounce bottle of Acrylic Resolene plus two artist brushes.

Fiebing's acrylic dyes are quick drying, long lasting leather paint for color coating smooth leather surfaces. Flexible and water resistant. Makes for a great edge finish too. Colors can be mixed to create other vibrant hues or colors of dye.

Acrylic Resolene is a flexible, durable, water resistant acrylic top finish for dyed leather.