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Great Book of Floral Patterns Book

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Take a guided tour with Lora S. Irish through her garden of more than 100 expertly drawn flowers. This nationally known artist and best-selling author will help you discover the poetic beauty and versatility of floral patterns that can be applied to a wide variety of arts and crafts projects.

Historically and culturally, flowers have been one of the most popular themes for artists and craftsmen alike. In this revised and expanded second edition of Great Book of Floral Patterns you'll find 16 new patterns including a series of patterns designed for quilt square sized projects.

From realistic flowers to stylized floral designs, each pattern is presented with great detail, including suggestions on how best to identify floral shapes and colors, how to center your design and how to create bouquets. For whatever media you prefer, there is a floral pattern that can be easily altered to fit your needs.


Create Something Special with More Than 100 Brilliant Floral Patterns

The latest addition to Lora S. Irish's successful library of art, craft and woodworking pattern books, the Great Book of Floral Patterns features more than 100 expertly drawn flowers that can be used for a wide variety of art and craft projects.

These patterns include everything from realistic flowers to stylized floral designs, which will allow you to fashion beautiful designs for projects in any media:

. Scroll Sawing and Intarsia
. Woodcarving
. Stained Glass
. Painting
. Quilting
. Wood Burning
. Graphic Design
. Scrap Booking
. Tattooing
. Leathercraft

Tulips, pansies, lilies, poppies, roses, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, daffodils, irises and poinsettias are just a few of the stunning flowers found inside. You'll find full color photos of finished works in a variety of settings, scenes, themes and backgrounds to show you the versatility of floral patterns and to help motivate you to create your own masterpiece.