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Hand Sewing Positioning Needles, 4/PK

SKU: 3428-00

Product description

These specialized stainless steel positioning needles are used to help position and hold pieces of leather in place during the stitching process. They are designed to be inserted through pre-punched holes in the leather and then used to move the leather into the correct position before the final stitching is done. This can be particularly useful when working with thicker or stiffer leathers that may be difficult to manipulate by hand alone.

Product information

  • Quality stainless steel needles.
  • Achieve pro-looking stitching like a professional.
  • Easily position and keep thicker, stiffer leathers together.
  • Quickly move leather into place for stitching with positioning needles, saving you time and effort.
  • Sharp point and small needle make it easy to insert and adjust for precise stitching.
  • Positioning needles are a must-have tool for high-quality leathercraft stitching for both beginners and experienced crafters.


Material: stainless steel
Pack Size: 4/PK