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Hook and Loop Tape - By-the-Roll - 25 Yards - Black

SKU: 82-8986-2

Hook and Loop Tape - By-the-Roll 25 Yards

We sell the hook and loop separately so you can order what you require. Also available in Rolls.

Features Nylon fastener that is a two part system. One part consists of rows of hooks and the part of a mass of loops. When pressed together, they form a highly secure closure, yet can be easily re-opened with a simple peeling action. Completely washable and dry cleanable, these jam proof elements are adjustable and increase strength with pressure.

Application Installation is normally by stitching into place, but can be glued or heat welded in certain applications.

Content 100% Nylon
Peel Cleavage >2.5 N/cm.
Shear >10 N/
Shrinkage Less than 2%.
Strength Above 250 N/cm.
Temperature Melting temperature: Above 200 degrees celsius.
Thickness Product thickness is 2.0 mm.

Uses Widely used on garments, bags, footwear, tents and furniture.