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Image of 6516-100-800 - Imitation Porcupine Hair 10" 1oz

Imitation Porcupine Hair 10" 1oz

SKU: 6516-100-800

A wonderful new product designed to make roach making faster and less expensive. In the past, the only alternative to natural guard hair was a course fiber which made roaches that were not up to the high specifications of experienced craftsmen and dancers. We are now offering a synthetic guard hair that looks like the real thing! Colored to match real porcupine hair and measuring 10” in length, there will be no need for tedious sorting and sizing. Just cut the hair to the desired length and start tying. Long porcupine hair has been getting expensive and harder and harder to come by. This hair will give you the satisfaction of producing a roach with long front hair without having to break the bank. The low price also makes this product an ideal option for young crafters. It has been tested by roachmakers with positive results, so give it a try today. Sold by the ounce.