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Japanese Black Rubber XXLarge Punching Cutting Board 30mm x 300mm x 450mm

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SKU: 70-5014

The material and hardness of this board are suitable for the hole puncher, without having too much rebound when using it.

Compared with other black rubber boards on the market, this one has bumps and marks popping out during use, thereby avoiding transferring the marks to the leather.
It can extend the sharpness of punches and knives.

*The rubber plate may have unavoidable scratches or irregular grain in manufacturing, but there is no problem in use and it is not a defective product.

Colour: Black with Wood Grain
Material: Synthetic Resin
Size 30mm x 300mm x 450mm

* Do not use for any purpose other than handcrafts.
Made in Japan


Over time, when the board start to wear out from the repeated strokes, you can achieve a smoother surface by using a hot iron and parchment baking paper. By putting the paper on the board and ironing it, will close the holes on the board and flatten the surface.

You can also use a metal roller. Although it won't close the punching hole, it's a quick and easy way to flatten the surface and continue to work on your project.