Keen Edge Beveler - 5 Sizes


SKU: 8077-03


A true belt maker's favorite. Excellent for trimming and rounding edges. Hardwood handle and metal ferrule. Sharp, polished tool steel blade.


ZeliTool Keen Edge Bevelers are available in 5 sizes:

Size 1 for 1-1/2 oz  to 3 oz

Size 2 for 4 to 6 oz

Size 3 for 6 to 8 oz

Size 4 for 8 to 10 oz

Size 5 for 10 oz or more


As a general rule - the larger the number is, the greater the bevel.

ZeliTOOL Edge Bevelers can also be used for trimming the lining out of zipper slots, trimming excess  welts, light fold-gouges on flesh side of thin leathers, etc...


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