OLFA (LBB-CP100) UltraMax® Heavy-Duty Snap-off Blade Contractor 100 Pack #1123432


SKU: 1123432


Premium black blade ideal for applications requiring sharpness

UltraMax® ultra-sharp premium heavy-duty snap-off black blades, exclusively designed for maximum cutting performance, are ideal for applications where superior sharpness is required. These blades made from high quality carbon tool steel are developed using a "special" double honing process for extreme sharpness and are 25% sharper than our Heavy-Duty LB blades. Long lasting durable snap-off blade - a new sharp edge with each snap. Blade container locks for safety. Fits most Heavy-Duty handles. 8 cutting edges per blade.

100 blades per pack.

Suggested Uses  Any application where superior sharpness is necessary.

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