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Leather Pyrography

SKU: 978-1-4971-0044-2
A Beginner's Guide to Burning Decorative Designs on Leather

For absolute beginners or passionate wood burners that are curious to work on a new medium, this book by pyrography teacher Michele Y. Parsons is a helpful guide to using pyrography on leather. Containing four projects, step-by-step instructions, and detailed information on pyrography pens and how they interact with leather as opposed to wood, you'll learn a completely new way to burn decorative pieces.

Focus is on people who are real beginners to pyrography in general and will also be of use to pyrographers who have worked on wood and want to try leather as a medium.
Detailed information on pens and how they interact with leather as opposed to wood.
Shows the value of 3d patterns that make leather craft different than woodcraft.
Leather Pyrography is gaining in popularity in the maker community.
Leather decoration is way to express yourself and find new ways of displaying your work as an accessory or decoration.