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Medium Zelibond Glue 2 Oz. Cyanoacrylate Industrial Grade Glue

SKU: 18-0220

ZeliBOND  2 fl.oz./59ml

Industrial Grade Odorless Cyanoacrylate

Grade: Medium
Viscosity: 100cps
Curing Speed: 15 seconds
Type: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate

Excellent gap filling capabilities. Non whitening or blooming occurred on electrical component. Also safe on white foam & plastic.

DIRECTIONS: Completely remove all moisture,
oil, rust, mold release agent from the surfaces.
Apply small quantity of glue on one of bonding
surface, then fix them securely at the prescribed
position. Avoid direct sunlight.
Store in a zip-lock bag in a cool dry place.
Refrigeration extends shelf life.