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Image of 47-101 - Medieval Military Garments #101

Medieval Military Garments #101

SKU: 47-101

Medieval Military Garments

Period Patterns number 101, Medieval Military Garments, has 3 gambesons, 3 surcoats, 3 hose, 1 codpiece, 1 cuisse, and a renal belt with pockets for plates to protect the kidneys (sizes S-XL).

Chain mail and plate armor were very expensive, and economically unfeasible for the average soldier of the Middle Ages. Most had to make do with padded garments. But even those who could afford armor had to wear padded garments underneath for comfort. Other pieces of clothing were designed to be worn over armor for additional protection or as decoration. Some of these garments were designed for civilian as well as military usage.

The primary garment for all soldiers was the padded gambeson, worn alone under armor. Surcoats, worn over armor, gave protection from the elements, and could be decorative as well. A coat of plates gave added protection over mail. Padded lentners and angel-wing tunics, both with puffed chests, were worn under breastplates, or alone.

Zelikovitz Leathers is an Official Distributor of Mediaeval Miscellanea Period Patterns and stocks the full line of available patterns.

Mediaeval Miscellanea has created copyrighted Period Patterns for sewing authentic period clothing. The patterns, designed by professional costumers, are rigorously researched to ensure historical authenticity. Each package includes complete, full sized cutting patterns in all sizes listed on the envelope (which permits easier custom fitting; sizes are based on standard commercial pattern sizes and can easily be scaled up or down to create additional sizes). Detailed, fully illustrated, step-by-step sewing instructions are provided in addition to general instructions (seam finishes etc.), and most patterns include suggested pattern layout.

Each pattern package contains historical notes with illustrations from contemporary sources providing background information, as well as possible enhancements and variations. On the back of the package additional important information is provided including garment description (with country and approximate dates where possible), sizing, notions and yardage requirements for each size and suggested fabric type for each garment.