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Mini Round Punch 8 Pcs Set

SKU: 3003-00

This 8 pcs Mini Round Punch Set is a "must-have" for anyone working with straps and belts of any size. The tubes are interchangeable to suite any project needs. For use with cutting board.

The set includes: 2mm (1/16") tube (1), 2.3mm (3/32") tube (1), 3mm (1/8") tube (1), 3.5mm (1/8") tube (1), 4mm (5/32") tube (1), 4.8mm (3/16") tube (1), punch handle (1), wrench (1).

Interchangeable steel tubes. Tubes are strong and durable. Sizes 0 through 5. Each set includes six interchangeable tempered steel tubes and forged steel handle.