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Image of 206A-402 - Mini Spin-N-Bead  Bead Loader

Mini Spin-N-Bead Bead Loader

SKU: 206A-402

Mini Spin-N-Bead™ Bead Loader
The Beadalon Mini Spin-N-Bead bead loader allows for easy set up for multicolored beading designs. Arrange several Mini Spin-N-Bead bead loaders with different color seed beads (or other small beads), combined with small containers of spacer beads. Using a Curved Big Eye Needle or Curved Needle, gently spin the Spin-N-Bead bead loader and angle the needle into the spinning beads. The beads will magically jump onto the needle. Measure the amount of that color, drop any excess back into the bowl, and move on to the next color. Mini Spin-N-Bead bead loader comes individually boxed. Beads and needle not included.

Part# 206A-402 Height: 5.72cm(2.25") Width: 6.35cm(2.50")