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Modern Tribal Tattoo Designs

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In years past, our ancestors wore tattoos to mark a family achievement, to memorialize special occasions like marriage and child birth, to identify tribe members, to protect against enemies and misfortune, and to celebrate victory in battle.
Today, men and women wear tattoos to reflect their individuality. Bold statements, these new tribal tattoos are rooted in historic and cultural sources.

Inside Modern Tribal Tattoos, you'll find black work patterns that incorporate large solid areas with fine line accents, motif ideas, including totems and talismans, free-form designs based on long curved lines and fine delicate line work. Repeating elements, like triangles, spirals, suns and lines are also included to enhance large patterns. Bold triangle lines, spiked spirals, ragged curved lines, barb-wire - these make up today's favorite designs, and are included here.

Each design includes the attributes or meaning associated with it like:
-Love and Affection
-Bravery and Courage
-Strength and much more

These high-quality patterns, from renowned artist and best-selling author of Great Book of Tattoos, Lora S. Irish, are ready to be replicated by your tattoo artist, or personalized for your next craft project. Define who you are!