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P370 Sheridan Style Pear Shader Leather Stamp OKA Japan

SKU: P370

Handcrafted in JAPAN these leather stamps are exceptional quality. You can see and feel the difference in the care put into the making of each of these stamps.

In floral carving, the pear shader is used to depress certain areas of a design to give more depth, add contour and to create a more realistic appearance. Using a pear shader, on properly cased (dampened) tooling leather, will create a burnished (darkened) effect adding a beautiful contrast to your design.

"Sheridan Style" carving is characterized by its continuous flowing lines incorporating multiple flowers, leaves, stems and vines.

① 3.5mm wide x 13mm deep.

② Engraved tool number and "MADE IN JAPAN".

③ Whole tool is plated.

④ Knurling the body part makes it nonslip when you use it.

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Quality stamp, quick shipment, great servi...

Quality stamp, quick shipment, great service