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Image of PC-L - PC-L Plastic/Laminate Heavy-Duty Ratchet-Lock Cutter

OLFA (PC-L) Plastic/Laminate Heavy-Duty Ratchet-Lock Cutter #1090486


Score big — literally — with this OLFA® cutter. In order to effectively cut sheet plastics and laminates, you first must score them. That's where this cutter comes in handy. Use it to score the material so you're assured a clean break. Use the cutter on plastics, lighted ceiling tiles, laminates and plexiglass.

Good For: Use in commercial and construction applications. Scores plastic, laminate and plexiglass.

 Features a ratchet-wheel for secure blade extension and retraction, and unlimited blade positioning. Includes 1 reversible tungsten steel PB-800 blade inserted PLUS 2 replacement blades in the handle. For right- and left-handed use.

Guaranteed Forever.