Premium Suede Lace - 1/8" x 25 Yards


SKU: 5014-07


Premium Suede Lace 1/8" x 25 Yards (0.3 cm x 22.9 m)


This suede lace is made from cowhide in the USA. It has high flexibility and strength, and is soft to the touch. Great for use in any projects where flexibility, strength, and feel are a priority. For any projects where these factors are not a primary concern (wrapping projects, surface decoration, etc.), see our Economy Suede Lace.


Add decorative leather lace to any projects for a great feel and look. Suede lace has many uses, from Native Heritage crafts, buckskinning, Western wear to key chains, jewelry and more.

1/8" x 25 Yard Spool

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