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Pressure Sensitive Hook and Loop Tape - By-the-Yard - Black

SKU: 82-9080-1

P.S. Hook and Loop Tape - By-the-Yard

We sell the hook and loop separately so you can order what you require. Also available in Rolls.

Features Nylon fastener that is a two part system. One part consists of rows of hooks and the part of a mass of loops. When pressed together, they form a highly secure closure, yet can be easily re-opened with a simple peeling action. Completely washable and dry cleanable, these jam proof elements are adjustable and increase strength with pressure. Peel Strength: Initial: 2.50 N/cm Shear Strength: Initial: 10.00 N/cm2-After 5000 openings: 7.50 N/cm2 Dynamic Peel: (Polythene): 2.50 Kg / cm (180) peel. An economical grade of pressure sensitive hook and loop.

Easy installation: Remove the backing strip, set into place then firmly press or roll product to set. Apply at room temperature.

Content 100% Nylon
Peel Cleavage >2.5 N/cm.
Shear >10 N/
Shrinkage Less than 2%.
Strength Above 250 N/cm.
Temperature Melting temperature: Above 200 degrees celsius.
Thickness Product thickness is 2.2 mm.

Recommended for lighter duty applications. Not recommended for all weather outdoor applications such as attaching truck tonneau covers, etc.