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Image of 18-101-1 - Prof Carving & Forming 4oz

Professional Carving & Forming Solution

SKU: 18-101-1

A Leather preparer, casing concentrate and molding solution for use on vegetable tanned tooling leather. Zelikovitz Professional Carving and Forming solution can be used full strength for wet forming and molding masks etc...


When mixed with water and applied to leather:

  • Reduces swivel knife drag
  • Helps leather accept and retain proper water content
  • Sets up surface of leather for crisper tool impressions & better burnishing
  • Does not effect the way leather accepts dyes, stains, antiques or finishes


This is an Eco-friendly product. The natural oils added to this waterbased product turns your leather to butter and you will just love the way the leather tools,  forms and keeps nice crisp impressions.