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Image of PX001 - PX001 Basketweave Leathercraft Stamp

PX001 Basketweave Leathercraft Stamp

SKU: PX001

Hide Crafter Stamps - High Quality Leathercrafting Stamps.

Basketweave stamps are used for many decorative and special effect purposes. With just one basketweave tool, you can cover a large area with a nice design in a minimum of stamping time. Add a border design around the outside of the basketweave design for a finished look.

Approx. stamp dimensions: 3/16" x 9/16".

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You will be glad you did.

·        Reduces swivel knife drag.

·        Helps leather accept and retain proper water content.

        ·        Sets up surface of leather for crisper tool impressions.

        ·        Available in 4 sizes