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Rotary Hand Sewing Punch

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SKU: 3229-00

This high quality, revolutionary new punch cuts a perfect hole in leather and other materials up to about 1/16" thick. It is compact, much easier to handle, and works faster than a standard leather punch and is great for punching tiny holes for sewing or small holes for lacing. Five easily adjustable sizes range from under 1/32" to a little over 1/16" in diameter. Stainless steel, 6-1/2" overall length. Anyone that works with lightweight leather will want to add this unique tool to their workshop. This stainless steel punch is pure quality. So easy to use and it feels so good in your hand. Punches clean holes every time in five different sizes in the thinnest of leathers. Recommended for leather thickness of 1/2 oz. to 5 oz

If you are working with deer hides, you will want this punch.