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Ruffled Ribbon Shirt Pattern

SKU: 4799-600-094

The Ruffled Ribbon Shirt Pattern includes sizes Small (36) through XX-Large (50). As with all our patterns, the explicit instructions and complete glossary of terms make it easy for anyone to complete this very attractive shirt. Powwow ready, this Ruffled Sleeve Ribbon Shirt is decorated with ribbon over the shoulders, down the tops of the sleeves and around the cuffs. One or more rows of ribbon can be used in colors which contrast with or compliment the fabric of the shirt. The pattern features a short collar and ruffle accents on the cuffs. Usually made with cotton or cotton blends such as calico, ribbon shirts are worn for dress occasions and are popular among most tribes. They have been worn by both men and women since cloth became available to the Indian tribes. Today they are often seen at powwows and rendezvous.