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Image of 44-900 - Show Pack - Equine Grooming

Show Pack - Equine Grooming

SKU: 44-900


Fiebing’s new Equine Grooming Show Pack has been developed specifically for equine enthusiasts and competitors who require supplies in sizes that are good for both travel and convenience. Place this unique package in your tack box and be prepared with Fiebing’s Horse Salon Shampoo & Conditioner (5.4 FL OZ) and Fiebing’s Detangler & Shine (5.4 FL OZ). Everything you need for a show ring coat sure to impress the judges.

Fiebing’s Show Pack is 2 products in 1 unique package! Each Show Pack consists of two (2) bottles that snap together with a common top and bottom that can be carried in tack boxes, backpacks or saddle bags. The bottles then can be used separately and the package reassembled for easy transport and storage.