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Toko Tuya Leather Burnishing Cream 300ml

SKU: 70-5023

Clear Toko Tuya Burnishing Cream is a great alternative to Tokonole or Gum Tragacanth.

Toko Tuya is the premium Burnishing cream, formulated with high quality ingredients like Carnaba wax, Urethane resin, Natural glue (made from seaweed) and water.

Coverage: 300ml = 20-26sqft

①Shine after polishing‼️
Urethane resin gives the leather a beautiful shine, Carnaba wax is famous its use on cars as luxurious wax.

②High durability‼️
Urethane resin gives the leather a strong coat.
It will suit to the features of any leather even after stretching and improve the leather appearance over the years.
This item can be used on frayed parts so as to give long life to your leather.

③Smooth texture and spreads easily‼️
Seaweed-derived ingredients (wakame seaweed and kelp) are blended into the product so as to give it a comfortable feeling while stretching it over the leather like a moisturizing cream applied to the skin.
By making the product like this, it is possible to apply it thinly and widely, improving the cost performance per Sq/ft
If it isn't applied smoothly, it'll result in being more expensive than it should be, even though thistle product is inexpensive
[Approximate usage]
100ml = approx. 6.5-8.6 sq/ft
300ml = approx. 20-26 sq/ft (equivalent to one half sheet of leather)

④You can use TOKO tuya cream for many kinds of leather‼️
It can be used not only tanned leather but also for combination-tanned leather and chrome-tanned leather.
(Not suitable for soft leather.)

⑤We're all about odorless
We use only high quality ingredients, so they are odorless.
Many inexpensive ingredients smell like vinyl acetate or acrylic paints.
Please compare our products with those of other companies.

If you polish immediately after application, it will take time for the gloss to appear.
If you apply a thin layer and leave it on for a minute or so before polishing, you will get an excellent shine.
Even if you polish immediately after applying it, you can leave it for a while and polish it again to get an excellent shine.

Customer Reviews

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Toko Tuyo is a valid alternative to Tokono...

Toko Tuyo is a valid alternative to Tokonole. Its consistency is closer to liquid than Tokonole but the results are fantastic. I can actually use less to cover more area as well. I like what I'm seeing so far.

Good service and great product

Good service and great product

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This review has no content.