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Woman's Bodice Pattern

SKU: 4799-600-058

This Pattern features easy-to-follow instructions for making this traditionally correct Woman's Bodice and the glossary of terms allows almost anyone to be comfortable using it.

The Woman's Bodice or Vest was worn over the chemise. The Bodice is styled similar to a corset and if made of heavy firm wool, lined and tied snugly, gives much the same effect. Fabrics can match the skirt, be of similar weight, but a contrasting color, or of a stripe or calico in a lighter weight fabric.

This fine Pattern offers a hip length or a waist length bodice with a pointed front variation so that it may be tailored to individual desires or needs. The bodice is lined for more strength and warmth. Three front closing variations are ties sewn on both sides of the front, lacing through eyelets on the front or buttons with loops.

You cannot help but be impressed with the simplicity and elegance of these Patterns!