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YKK #5C Nylon Key Lock Slider

SKU: 60-75951

An innovative idea from the world leader in zippers, YKK. Used with a #5 nylon coil zipper, this slider locks the zipper closed. Comes complete with a set of 2 keys. With the slider in the lock position, you can move the slider up or closed but not down. Great for gym bags, purses, etc. 

Includes 1 slider, 2 keys and key chain.

Customer Reviews

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Key Locking #5 Nylon Coil Slider

This slider does what the description says. The slider works only on #5 nylon coil zippers. Comes with two keys. If there is an ordinary slider on the zipper remove it by removing the top stops on the zipper and then just pulling the slider off. Replace the slider with the locking slider by slipping the locking slider onto the nylon coils of the zipper and replace the top stops.

The locking slider is unlocked when you buy it. The slider can be locked by inserting the key into a hole on the top of the slider, rotate the key 180 degrees. The slider can still close the zipper by pulling up on the zipper pull but to make the zipper go down requires that the key be used again. Rotate the key another 180 degrees, the locking slider will allow the zipper to be undone. In the locked position the slider drops a pin into the zipper that allows the zipper to be pulled up but not down.
1) The locking slider can lock a purse thus preventing a someone grabbing your money etc.
2) Firearms. The locking slider can prevent children from accessing your firearms.
3) I enhance parkas as a hobby (sewing). Many parkas have a zipper removable hood or fur ruff. I replace the slider with a locking slider. Many people lose their hoods because the zipper becomes undone. Most people take the option. Keys are left in an inside security pocket.
4) Anything that has a #5 Nylon Coil Zipper can be locked with this locking slider. Examples include jackets, fleece jackets, boots, and winter parkas.