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Zeli Base Coat Adhesion Promoter

SKU: 18-10850-1

Zelikovitz Professional - Base Coat Adhesion Promotor

Sold in 4 oz and 32 oz bottles

This  revolutionary product  allows the use of Zelikovitz Professional Waterbased Pigment Dyes on vinyl, plastic and other surfaces. Base Coat Adhesion Promoter is a soft polyurethane with extraordinary adhesion, high tenacity and low tack. It may be cut with water up to a 1:1 mixture.

Directions: Clean surface. Leather should be cleaned with deglazer. Vinyl or plastics should be cleaned with a 1:1 mixture of water and Isopropyl alcohol. Spray or brush a light coat and dry naturally or with heat. Apply Zelikovitz Professional Pigment Dyes as directed.