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Zelikovitz Professional Conditioner

SKU: 18-2310-01

Zelikovitz Professional Leather Conditioner


This is the best leather conditioner on the market and is used by professionals. Great for perforated auto upholstery. Won't get that nasty white build up in the holes like other products. Because it is water based the conditioner dissipates and returns the natural beauty of the leather. 


Our all natural water-based formula contains 4 types of natural oils and is formulated to the proper PH for leather.


Preserve, strengthen, beautify and maintain leather while providing a healthy water repellant surface.


Leather is a skin and must be taken care of as a skin.


With a clean soft cloth, apply a thin coat on leather. Massage into the surface using a circular motion. Allow to dry 30 minutes. Buff with a soft dry cloth or wool. Treat every 3 months.


We recommend you use Zelikovitz Professional Leather Garment & Upholstery Cleaner prior to conditioning.