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Image of 3990-00 - ZeliTOOL Hand Press

ZeliTOOL Hand Press

SKU: 3990-00

Professional hand press makes setting snaps, rivets, spots and eyelets quick and easy. This rugged industrial press is built to last.. 

Our hand made setting dies (sold separately) are designed to set Line 20 Fasteners (#3995-00), Line 24 Fasteners (#3996-00), Rivets (#3997-00), 3/16" Eyelets (#3992-00), Tubular Rivets (#3998-00),  and Grommets Sizes #00-#4

Needs to be mounted to your bench for proper use.

Approx. dimensions: base 8-1/4" x 3-3/8", throat 3" deep, handle 11-1/4" long.

Weight: Approx 14 lbs